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Staying Busy and Profitable During The Slower Months

Author: Brian Baker, HVAC Tech Representative

Those summer heat service calls are calming down.  Make every service call count.  How will you stay busy and keep the money coming in during the slow season?  What are fast, easy, profitable things you can sell?  Here are some ways to stay busy and make that money others are leaving on the table.

  1. Sell service agreements. This is a guaranteed customer for the next year.  The more times you are in front of a customer, the greater chance you have to sell them something.
  2. Humidifier season is coming up.Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be hard to sell sometimes.  Is it because homeowners don’t know what their humidity level is.  Sell them a thermostat that displays humidity, once they see it on a screen, you may get a call back to install a humidifier and/or a dehumidifier. Aprilaire currently has a humidifier special going on. Visit our Promotions page to learn more. Expect more specials on humidifiers in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes open.
  3. Programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats. Every time I am in a home improvement store, someone is looking to buy a new thermostat.  That tells me that a contractor missed a sale.  Most contractors put in a cheap thermostat the keep the prices down on a change out.  Don’t be afraid to offer high priced accessories; some homeowners will pay for the latest, greatest technology.  Every time the new iPhone comes out, look at the crowds that camp out to get it.  This new generation loves technology.
  4. Training classes. Take advantage of all the upcoming training classes.  Whether it’s a technical class that will help reduce callbacks, or a class to show off new great products, this is a way to add profit.
  5. Indoor air quality products typically are an easy install with a high profit margin.  Pick out a couple products you want to sell.  Educate your customers on why those products are needed in their home.  We have several options at Ferguson; from Aprilaire, Honeywell, Activetek, GPS and many more.
  6. We rent “Attic Cat’ machines for blow in insulation.  Do your customers have enough insulation in their attic?
  7. Mini-Split. Is there an area in the house that doesn’t get conditioned well? Add a mini split.

Educate your customers on more than just HVAC.  Offer them a clean comfortable home.  For more information on these products and any other HVAC needs, call your local Ferguson store or sales representative.