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AHRAE 193 – Less Than 2% Air Leakage

ASHRAE Standard 193 is the “Method of Test for Determining the Airtightness of HVAC Equipment” and is designed to help regulate and monitor the leakage characteristics in HVAC systems. Due to the high demand for meeting ASHRAE Standard 193 and recent requests for confirmation of product compliance, Rheem has released a list of furnaces and air handler models that meet or exceed the “less than 2% air leakage” standard.

The Rheem furnaces that adhere to the guidelines of ASHRAE Standard 193 range from 80% to 98% AFUE ratings. Rheem furnaces are engineered for reliable comfort with quiet and efficient energy. By utilizing the Rheem furnaces that have maximum efficiency, your customers will reap savings on their monthly energy bills.

In addition to furnaces, Rheem has 10 families of air handlers that meet ASHRAE 193 standards. Rheem air handlers are versatile and constructed with a sturdy cabinet for excellent sound and insulating characteristics. When tested in accordance to the ASHRAE Standard 193, the cabinet air leakage of these air handlers is less than 2.0%.

Some states and municipal authorities offer incentives for furnaces that comply with ASHREA 193 standards for cabinet leakage.

See the announcement from Rheem here.