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When the Arizona “Monsoon” arrives the A/C systems must work harder because it now needs to remove moisture and heat from the air to COOL the home.

There are two types of cooling that occur: Sensible cooling and Latent cooling. SENSIBLE COOLING removes the heat, the heat you can SENSE, out of the air. LATENT HEAT is the moisture in the air that must be dehumidifi ed out of the air before sensible cooling takes place. The higher humidity in the house the greater latent load. When this occurs, sensible cooling is decreased until moisture is removed, and the temperature split will be lower. The A/C systems TOTAL CAPACITY is split between LATENT CAPACITY (used to remove moisture, measured by wet bulb reading) and SENSIBLE CAPACITY (used to cool the air measured by dry bulb reading).

So, if you have a high indoor wet bulb 62f+ (IDWB) you may not get a 20f split at the equipment, you may see a split as low as 10f and the system is running correctly.  Remember the true split is taken at the equipment, not in the house.  If you are seeing a poor temperature split at the unit, DO NOT ADD FREON! One must check the Indoor Wet Bulb Temperature (IDWB), Outdoor Temperature (OD Temp), and Indoor Dry Bulb (IDDB). Compare the readings to Cooling Temperature Chart to determine approximate temperature split at the unit.

You will need a psychrometer to measure WB. The Field Peace FPRH26 is $78.45 +TAX. *Make sure you check Air Flow.  This will also aff ect the temperature split. Air fl ow is never set at the factory. SETTING AIR FLOW IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

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